Topical issues

Fleamarket to help the dogs!

In Kallio, Helsinki a new fleamarket opened 1.4 and FHD has the honour to have a collaboration with them from the very start. All proceeds will go to FHDs partner organisation, Save the Dogs animal welfare work in Romania. FHDs table is marked number 16.
The fleamarket is open Mon-Fri 12.00-20.00 , Sat-Sun 11.00-18.00.

3.5.2015: Welcome to Finland Dida & Cupla!

FHD's traditional summer days 1.-2.8 in Vaherma!

More information on the programme and more coming soon.

Do you want to sponsor the cats?

FHD has had a sponsor programme for the dogs for some time now, and now we want to offer the cats the same support! Save the Dogs has two catteries with many rescued cats looking for a home. Cats are adopted to Switzerland, Sweden and Italy.

Buffy (picture) is the representative for the sponsorship programme. Buffy lives in Save the Dogs apartment in Cernavoda, where many volunteers stay on their trips. Buffy seems very happy with the arrangement, and often spends the nights purring under the arm of the volunteers staying overnight.

Buffys roll as the representative for the cat sponsorship programme means that all sponsors will receive Buffys personal picture/video greeting at least twice a year.

Cat sponsors support all the cats in Save the Dogs catteries. If you want to help, please contact Leena Thank you for your support!

1.3.2015 Welcome to Finland Elias, Flaffy, Rica & Alfie!

Latest addition to the sponsorship programme: REMY!

Become a shelter sponsor for the dogs in Sibiu! More information here

ROKKY 2/2014 is here! Members will receive the link to the magazine via email.